Strategic Partners

RAS Infotech as a Value-Added Distributor for Security Solutions, represents multiple security vendors in the MENA region. Further, RAS Infotech is also the sole distributor of the Brands it carries, which enable it to take a leadership position in providing industry leading IT security solutions to over 1000 clients through its vast and dedicated partner network.
The various brands RAS represents in the region are world renowned and are known to be leaders in their respective domains of IT Security Industry.
F-Secure Corporation
Founded in Helsinki, Finland in 1988. F-Secure are pioneers in the Anti-Virus industry and are rated as one of the top 5 Anti-Virus vendors world-wide. With a strong base in Europe, F-Secure primarily has a foundation by being the sole vendors for over 200+ Internet Service Providers throughout the world and are also known for their best of breed corporate anti-virus offerings.

Trustwave Holdings, a privately held information security company, are leaders in the PCI compliance industry with solution offerings aimed primarily at corporates who truly consider IT security as important and not just for the sake of ticking a check box on their compliance sheets.
Trustwave caters to over 3 million businesses across 96 countries and are also known worldwide through their SpiderLabs security team.

DeviceLock, based out of San Ramon, California are leaders in corporate Data Leakage Prevention and have over 100 thousand business customers worldwide. The organization has been in the Global market since 1996 and is sought after for their unique, yet versatile DLP solutions that do not require data classification to function, making them one of a kind.

NetIQ originally founded in 1995 and now acquired by Micro Focus and Attachmate are Gartner leaders in enterprise security solutions ranging from Access & Identity Management to Performance & Availability to Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity solutions, has some of the top clientele across every vertical, worldwide.
SecuDrive (Brainzsquare Inc.)
Established in Korea in 2000, Brainzsquare provide various value-added IT solutions and in 2006 they introduced SecuDrive to revolutionize DLP on the go. They are one of the only few technology companies that have completely integrated hardware based encryption and have employed centralized policy based management with removable media, allowing organizations to securely and safely allow data to be carried out of a secure IT network without any worry of losing the said data.