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File Integrity Monitoring

Stop insider and targeted attacks with privileged-user activity monitoring

Cloud, bring-your-own device (BYOD), and other business-enabling technologies are here to stay. With even more complexity in your IT environment, how can you truly know what your privileged users are doing? NetIQ Change Guardian™ gives you the security intelligence you need to rapidly identify and respond to privileged user activities that could signal a data breach or result in compliance gaps.
The NetIQ file integrity monitoring solution helps IT security professionals detect and respond to potential threats in real time through intelligent alerting of unauthorized access and changes to critical files, systems and applications.

For business-critical systems and data files, the best approach to solving the problem of unauthorized access and change by privileged users will include real-time alerting:


  • Integrate alerting into a security information and event management (SIEM) system
  • Provide highly detailed security information immediately
  • Monitor the activities of privileged users.

In addition, the solution should meet the requirements of compliance mandates that specifically call out file integrity monitoring solutions, and detect changes on your most important platforms.

Smart security and compliance monitoring features

Right data, right time

Do you have the security intelligence you need to rapidly detect and disrupt threats caused by the misuse of privileged access? When it comes to protecting your sensitive assets, more data isn't necessarily better. You need the right data at the right time.

Cut compliance costs—and hassle

Oversight of changes to critical systems and files is difficult to prove with mobility, cloud, and other disruptive technologies in the mix. Eliminating the complexity required to analyze multiple, disparate logs and automated, meaningful reporting can help you to reliably prove compliance at a lower cost.

Enterprise insight made simple

Auditing change and user access manually can be expensive and time-consuming in dynamic IT environments. An integrated and automated approach to change monitoring can dramatically reduce the time and complexity associated with auditing or responding to suspicious activity.

Your SIEM just got better

File integrity monitoring is a required component for compliance to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and other mandates. SIEM and native tools alone do not provide the level of change identification, reporting, and alerting that these mandates demand.


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