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SOC based SIEM

SIEM Operations Edition

Organizations that adhere to multiple regulatory standards and a have a security operations function need a fully customizable SIEM solution to achieve top-level results for information governance, risk and compliance. Our SIEM Operations Edition is integrated, multi-tenanted and scalable, adapting to any environment.
Our SIEM Operations Edition (OE) provides organizations with advanced security, compliance monitoring and incident response capabilities.
SIEM OE is a comprehensive, multi-tenant-enabled solution that is scalable and flexible, and integrates into an organization’s network infrastructure.
Best suited for enterprise and MSSP organizations, SIEM OE automatically transforms logs into security events in real time and prioritizes them to provide actionable alerts and configurable workflows – a critical element to reduce an organization’s reaction time and risk exposure.

Why do customers choose our SIEM OE?


  • A service-oriented architecture (SOA) approach means the solution blends in with existing organizational processes.
  • Real-time alerting, incident management and reporting.
  • Hundreds of pre-packaged compliance and security reports and a powerful custom Report Wizard are included.
  • Advanced correlation engine offers flexibility and configurability.
  • Visual analysis and forensics.
  • Integration with Trustwave Threat Correlation Services.
  • Supports more than 600 devices out of the box, including personal mobile devices, networks, operating systems, databases and applications.
Some additional features to consider...

Automated Assessment: A configurable, nine-factor risk score automatically prioritizes alerts based on the complete picture of source and target and vulnerability and asset type, and places greater weight on alerts that have the potential to negatively impact a business.

Fast, Collaborative Research: One-click alert assessments and contextual detail, combined with simple drilldown to the parsed and raw events, provides a complete picture for any alert under investigation. Alert annotation and guidance promotes understanding among security operators, analysts and other members of the IT team.

Rapid, Efficient Investigation: There are never enough eyes to monitor millions of logs or events for critical issues. SIEM OE does the monitoring and encoding, and automates the steps an expert takes to investigate an alert.

Meet Your Needs: SIEM OE employs a consistent set of controls from regulatory and industry requirements and best practice frameworks, and then monitors control performance. This real-time element increases effectiveness, reduces cost and quickly reflects changes in standards or policy.

Covers the Gamut: SIEM OE covers all of the reporting categories, including FISMA, GLBA, HIPAA, ISO, PCI DSS, SOX, COBIT, NERC CIP and internal GRC.

Out of the Box: Our solution provides hundreds of packaged, audit-ready reports. These reports, combined with the report customization wizard, offer the needed analysis without having to know a query language. Automation frees up valuable headcount for more urgent and critical tasks.

Single Source of Security Data: Our Security Data Warehouse™ is composed of compressed file stores and an optimized relational database that requires no database administrator and provides efficient, affordable storage of logs and events to support searches and automated analysis.

Appliance Integration: Our SIEM OE works seamlessly with SIEM leaders in the market. This means it can be integrated easily with other already existing products completing your solution and will work to provide logging and event management for remote offices or separate logical business units.

Adaptable to Business Requirements: Our SIEM OE features active integration and response, which provides quick-click access from SIEM OE to any security management product to accelerate and automate response to security incidents. Additionally, SIEM OE sends alerts as trouble tickets to the customer's service management platform and displays the alerts on the enterprise console.

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