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Mobile Device Management


Miradore Online is a cloud-based mobile device management solution for managing Android, iOS, and Windows Phone smartphones and tablets.

At Miradore, we think that basic mobile device management should be free for all, and therefore we’ve made many of the MDM features available without any limitations on number of devices. With our free version, you can secure your mobiles, automate many tasks, such as configuration of email accounts, passcode and Wi-Fi settings remotely, and also control the environment knowing what devices people are using, what applications the people have installed, and where the devices are located. We also offer Business and Enterprise Plans for those users who want to take full advantage of Miradore Online’s exclusive features.



With Miradore Online you can ensure the security of your mobile assets and company data, whether the devices are corporate or employee-owned.
Here is how you can secure your mobile assets with Miradore Online:
•Enforce the use of passcode and storage card encryption
•Restrict the use of camera, cellular data, application store and many other features
•In case a device gets lost or stolen, you can wipe or lock the device remotely
 •You may also track Android and iOS devices on a map with exact coordinates using location tracking



Besides the enforcement of security policies, Miradore Online can also be used for remotely distributing various configurations and settings to selected devices.
Here are some examples of settings that can be managed remotely with Miradore Online:
 •E-mail accounts
•Wi-Fi configurations
•Microsoft Exchange accounts
•Data roaming settings
Defined configuration profiles can be stored in Miradore Online and used over and over again in order to automate the process of configuring new devices.



For taking full control of the mobile device fleet, Miradore Online automatically collects a lot of data from the managed devices and provides versatile options for taking advantage of the gathered information.
Available information includes:
•Asset status and location
 •Technical specifications
•Installed applications
•Information of SIM card(s)
 •Operator networks
•Security settings

Miradore Online also keeps you informed with notifications while you’re away. It notifies you if any abnormal or forbidden actions are detected.


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