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Secure USB


While an endpoint DLP allows an organization to prevent and control data leaving the security net placed on their network, you are either forced to grant limited rights on the USB limiting data removal to trivial files or block the USB access altogether. But what happens when you have to allow access to certain privileged users to access USB to remove confidential proprietary data and is required to be used offsite or transported outside the network for business purposes?
DLP on such scenerios gets tricky as copying data onto personal USB drives poses multiple security threats.


  • If a non-secure USB flash drive is lost or stolen, all of the stored data is as good as leaked.

  • In situations where highly confidential files must be used, non-secure USBs cannot prevent unauthorized copying.

  • You cannot control nor monitor USB activity for all of your employees.

  • Your employee was sent on a business trip to do work with your partner but the USB is only container level encrypted and without any policy enforcement or log collection, allowing them to partake in espionage and steal your company information.

These kinds of security challenges can only be mitigated with a dedicated USB solution that can be centrally managed and is policies driven to set acceptable usage controls.

RAS Infotech’s solution to the problem is allowing organizations to issue dedicated company owned encrypted USB drives that can be centrally managed with policies set on the USB and also having the ability to remotely erase all data on the USB if lost or stolen, ensuring complete DLP on such data.

Our solution comes in multiple capacities ranging from 4 GB to 32 GB with dedicated hardware based crypto chip, ensuring that all data sent to the USBs are automatically encrypted with military grade 256 bit encryption without any user interference and preventing any attempts at hacking into the USB or decrypting the data.

Some of the primary benefits of our solution are as follows.

  • Strong Encryption: All USB products are AES 256-bit hardware encrypted and password protected.
  • Allow editing while blocking copying: Users are able to edit stored files but can be blocked from unauthorized copying, printing, screen capture, and/or network transfer.
  • Track Activity: Detailed logging and real-time monitoring for user, manager, and file activity.
  • Integrated with Ease: Ability to detect users, groups, rights and Active Directory Account.
  • Encrypted Export/Import: Encrypted export/import of files stored on file server.


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