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Information Rights Management

With the current business scenerios moving towards Cloud Computing, BYOD, Mobility, Dynamic Web Apps. The concept of IT security it no longer limited to your internal network. Your data is being shared with vendors, partners, clients through different comminication channels and is all over the place.You need something that empowers your ‘borderless enterprise’ to secure sensitive information – on any network, on any platform, and on any device.

When the information and data is losing their boundaries. Welcome RAS Infotech, to secure the most important aspect of your organization.

With RAS's out of the box Information Rights Management solution (IRM/DRM), wherever the files may go, you remain in control of Who can Access the File, What They can do, From Where, and for how Long.

This level of granularity cannot be achieved with just DLP or encryption or classification. As IRM brings together all 3 together and takes it beyond the traditional network boundaries.

Our IRM solutions can also be implemented and integrated with various other DLP vendors in the market leveraging onto your already existing DLP solutions giving you more control on how your data is being accessed outside the network.

To know more about our IRM solution and how it can benefit you. Get in touch now through +971 4 2593128