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Secure Configuration Management

Manage risk and enforce compliance at the speed of business

Is your IT environment driven by mobility, consumerization, cloud, or a combination of these and other disruptive technologies?
The more aspects of security reporting and event management you can automate, the faster you'll detect and resolve anomalies, and the more resources you can devote to investigating real issues.

Gain the flexibility and control you need to look for the event patterns and causal relationships that can indicate deviations, and determine the exact nature of a threat.
This is where NetIQ Secure Configuration Manager™ helps you to proactively enforce security configuration policy across critical systems in evolving IT environments. Start reducing your risk of security breaches, failed audits, or costly downtime today.


Data protection made easy
How well your is your sensitive data protected from breaches, exploits, or cyber-attacks? An automated, continuous process that monitors your systems for adherence to industry regulations and security best practices can help.

Multiple regulatory compliance mandates? No problem. 

Ensuring regulatory compliance in a heavily regulated industry can be an overwhelming task. What if you could achieve your compliance objectives using the resources you have? Now you can with NetIQ.

Empower the business. Manage IT risk.
Business stakeholders need visibility into the security and compliance risks associated with sensitive organizational data. Our solution helps you to work proactively with the business to mitigate risks.

It shouldn't cost a fortune to be secure and compliant
Our automated and flexible approach to security and compliance management helps you to comply with multiple regulations and policies and ensure data security while keeping an eye on the bottom line.

Your IT environment is complex, our solutions aren't
Complex and distributed IT environments require industry-leading, comprehensive security and compliance management solutions from NetIQ.

PCI DSS compliance and Secure Configuration Manager
Having configuration standards in place that address all known security vulnerabilities and are consistent with industry standards helps safeguard your business against security breaches. It is also a requirement of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS.)

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