Why do you need data wiping? If not thoroughly cleaned, residual data known as Data Remanence, continues to exist after common activities, such as ‘deleting’ or moving a file.


Data wiping is a cornerstone of data protection. The ability to securely and permanently wipe files and wipe hard drives is essential for keeping your data safe and out of the wrong hands.


Standard file deletion only removes references to files while the contents remain intact on your hard drive in various places like free space and file slack. Confidential files you intended to erase could easily be restored with widely available undelete tools.


Wiping is a term used to describe the process of shredding contents of a file or disk space beyond recovery. Routine use of wiping tools can remove the pain of Data Remanence and truly protect your sensitive data from unwanted eyes.

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Use Cases for Data Wiping

Everyday ‘Cyber-Hygiene’

  • Securely erase selected files, including Data Remanence
  • Remove all traces of user activities, including Internet & local history
  • Wipe files from classified sessions on periods processing workstations (shared computers)

Incident Response

End of Life Data Protection

  • Sanitization for computer disposal, decommission or repurpose
  • Clearing hard drives between classified programs
  • Hard drive with proprietary information fails under warranty, then must be securely erased before returning to manufacturer
  • Donate used computers securely

How to Permanently Delete Files with BCWipe

BCWipe by Jetico is the most powerful and trusted data wiping utility, engineered for a wide range of users: from experts at large organizations handling national security to people at home concerned with personal privacy.

Wiping solutions from Jetico securely erase all traces of unwanted data beyond recovery.