Disaster Recovery Solutions

What is Disaster Recovery Planning?

Novell offers disaster recovery and business continuity solutions for large enterprises to plan for the worst. Planning for disaster recovery now ensures your data center is protected and prevents the loss of productivity and money.

Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP), or Business Continuity Planning, is the processes, policies and procedures that recover IT systems and data from a disaster. DRP results helps the business to continue operations without any interruption of their business processes.

Disaster can happen in many ways, like a fire accident, or short-circuit , power or UPS interruption, earthquake or by some human errors. Whatever the reason for a disaster to happen, there should be a solution which will help the business to run without or with minimal impact on the business.

Novell offers a portfolio of products which will help customers to do their Disaster Recovery Planning, or Business Continuity Plan, well, and run their business with ease.

What is the need for Disaster Recovery Planning?

Emerson says, “dollars spent in prevention are worth more than dollars spent in recovery.”

Disaster Recovery Planning helps organizations and enterprises reduce operational risk associated to Information Management Systems. You should always bear in mind that risk, speed of recovery, and completeness of recovery have to be balanced against cost.

Why enterprises and organizations should purchase and use Novell's Disaster Recovery Solutions

Any Disaster Recovery Plan or Business Continuity Plan Process will absolutely have to go through the three major processes below:

  1. Analysis of the workloads
  2. Designing Solutions
  3. Implementation

With Novell’s Platespin solutions leading the industry in disaster recovery solutions, we can ease through the above steps enabling you to have a seemless solution in place to overcome such disasters without facing issues with business continuity.

Below are a few Key Features and Benefits that will further resolve your doubts as to why Novell’s Platespin solutions are just better than the rest.

Cost Effective Solution for Disaster Recovery

Forge will consolidate all the workloads (physical and virtual) on a single recovery hardware. This will reduce redundant costly hardware which helps enterprises and organizations to save money. Forge will save all the workloads completely (OS, Data and Applications) within a single bootable Recovery Environment.

Avoid Regular Testing of Workloads

When a workload is taken back up, it should be verified frequently to check whether the current running workload and the backup are consistent. Manual testing of this process is cumbersome. Forge will allow you to take the virtual snapshot of the recovery workload and run it in the private network to check the integrity and quickly validate the recovery plan.

Fast Recovery

The recovery workload will be in service very quickly when there is a outage of the workload.
Forge can be managed from a single point of control.
The web-based interface of Forge provides a dashboard that enables the administrator to view and monitor the status of the workload protection plans. Forge will send notifications to the administrators via email about the alerts.

Complete workload backup:

Forge will take the backup of an entire workload which means OS, Applications and Data within the single bootable recovery environment.

SAN Integration:

PlateSpin Forge integrates with existing SAN to accommodate current and future recovery requirements. Powerful dashboard and management capabilities allow enterprise to seamlessly protect workloads across the SAN.

“Plug In and protect” workloads:

PlateSpin Forge provides complete protection for up to 25 physical or virtual workloads straight out of the box. All the necessary hardware, storage, consolidates recovery software and virtulization technologies are prepackaged and pre-configured, reducing implementation time and effort.

Novell has rich products to implement the Disaster Recovery plan or Business Continuity Plan with ease and flexible cost.
PlateSpin Recon, Migrate and Orchestrator, PlateSpin Forge helps the enterprises and organizations to continue their businesses with ease.
PlateSpin Forge puts workload protection and recovery within reach for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as departments and branch offices within larger enterprises. For larger implementations, multiple PlateSpin Forge appliances can be deployed and centrally managed through a “single pane of glass” management console.