Unified Product Suite for IT Operations and Big Data Analytics

About Motadata

Motadata is state of the art affordable yet powerful product suite consisting of - Network Management & Monitoring, Log & Flow Management, and IT Service Management Platforms. The platform empowers both IT administrators and CXOs to analyse, track & resolve IT operational issues by effectively monitoring various systems and devices from multiple vendors through a unified and centralized dashboard.

Motadata is industry’s first IT ops solution that truly correlates the metric, flow and log events and turns them into actionable insights.

Network Management & Monitoring

Infrastructure Intelligence (IIP) Platform is an, all in one network monitoring and performance management platform that proactively collects, monitors, analyses & optimizes more than 1,00,000 network elements across distributed IT infra.

It also offers unlimited storage with full resolution, and stores historically polled data for infinite period without averaging out the data.

Log Management & Flow Analytics

Data Analytics Platform (DAP) offers a highly scalable Log and Flow Analytics platform, optimized for collecting, analyzing, and reporting of log and flow data in real-time from multiple heterogeneous sources.

The platform offers a collection rate of 200K Flows Per Second (FPS) and 10,000 Events Per Second (EPS) on single server.

It can store raw as well as aggregated log & flow data for infinite years without compromising on performance.

IT Service Management

Motadata IT Service Management Platform organizes information, streamlines support, automates workflow, eliminates manual processes and encourages self-service for maximum productivity and customer satisfaction. It is capable to support 100k tickets, 50k assets and 100 concurrent technicians in single instance.