Source Code Review

Code Review

During application code reviews, our specialists work with your internal developers to improve the development process and deliver a more secure product. Trustwave conducts detailed inspections of application source code and assesses the vulnerability of the tools and commercial applications used to create and run the front and back-end services. Trustwave has extensive experience reviewing applications developed in a variety of environments.

We evaluate applications developed in languages including but not limited to:

  • ASP, VB .NET, C#, AJAX
  • PHP, Ruby, Python, Perl
  • Flex , AMF, BlazeDS
  • Java, C/C++,
  • Fortran, COBOL

Our analysis will evaluate the source code of your application for vulnerabilities including but not limited to:

  • Improper Buffer Checking
  • Dynamic Content Creation Issues
  • Unintended Operation
  • Secure Code Signing
  • Input Validation (SQL injection, Command Re-direction, Insecure Automatic Data Inclusion)
  • Improper Cryptography
  • Unexpected Failure Conditions

The code review culminates in an exhaustive report that details specific areas of application code that need repair in order to maintain a secure system. Our manual review ensures that your developers receive actionable, prescriptive information specific to your application rather than generic information provided by automated tools.

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