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LogPoint’s modern SIEM with UEBA provides advanced analytics and AI-driven automation capabilities that enable our customers to securely build-, manage, and effectively transform their businesses. Our flat licensing model, based on nodes rather than data volume, drastically reduces the cost of deploying a SIEM solution on-premise, in the cloud or as an MSSP.

SIEM, standing for Security Information and Event Management, is the process of ingesting log data from disparate systems and then correlating that data to try and find indicators of compromise/attack or patterns of behavior. The only issue with this approach has been the highly technical nature of implementations, leading to a large swathe of companies forgoing a key managed network security tool. The LogPoint’s SIEM system is designed from the ground up to be simple, flexible, and scalable, providing streamlined design, deployment, and integration tools to open the use of a network security tool up to all businesses.