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Secudrive is a data security brand of the Korean company , a provider of integrated IT resource management and data security solutions for enterprise and government sector. With almost 10 years of exceptional and rich IT industry expertise and experience, Secudrive is committed to helping various organizations to safely protect their valuable, confidential data from both external and internal cyberattacks.

Secudrive USB Management Server is the remote central management solution for Secudrive USB Basic+, Office+, and CAD+. Secudrive USB Management Server makes it possible to monitor, in real time, who the users are, what types of flash drives are being used, and what the users are doing with the flash drives. It also can control various security policies attached to the flash drives, either individually or collectively. When a flash drive is lost or stolen, an administrator can either lock it or destroy all the data contained on it remotely.

Secudrive Drive Eraser is a drive-wiping solution for enterprises with over 20 internationally certified data-wiping algorithms, designed to completely erase various storage devices beyond scope of recovery. It enables organizations to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley, GDPR, PCI-DSS, GLB, HIPAA, and more.

Secudrive Drive Eraser generates logs and reports on drive-erasure tasks including computer, drive, and erasure information for post-audit. The logs and reports can be transferred to an enterprise IT asset management system so that the drive wiping can be managed with it integratedly.

As data life cycle ends with data destruction, implementing a system of complete disk wipe solution to erase all relevant data before disposing or recycling their PCs is critical to maintain data security from start to finish