What is SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)?

SIEM definition

SIEM stands for Security Information and Event Management. One can define SIEM as real-time event collection, monitoring, correlating, and analyzing events across disparate sources.

Benefits of a next-gen SIEM solution

SIEM solutions have been around since 2005, but the SIEM definition has evolved considerably since then. Changes in the threat landscape have created a need to find a larger variety of threats faster.

At the same time, there is a shortage of security analysts available in the labor market and an increase in compliance demands. In addition, security operations teams are struggling to keep up with the deluge of security alerts from an increasing arsenal of threat detection technologies while relying on manually created and maintained document-based procedures for operations.

Fortunately, the new digitalization era and machine learning are creating new possibilities for SIEM solutions that are challenging the old definitions and domain areas for product categories. For businesses to establish an effective cybersecurity program, a next-gen SIEM solution is a must-have. Today’s businesses need a solution that can unify, simplify and automate what’s already there.

Threat intelligence enabled by a next-gen SIEM solution

Better threat detection and response

A next-gen SIEM solution provides real-time data analysis, early detection of data breaches, data collection, secure data storage and accurate data reporting to improve threat detection and response times.

The LogPoint SIEM solution helps free security analysts from time consuming manual tasks

Fewer staff

The automation of functions frees security analysts from time-consuming manual tasks and enables them to better orchestrate a response to threats. The best next-gen SIEM solutions utilize machine learning and user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) to help ease the burden of overworked security analysts.

LogPoint's simple and predictable licensing model

Less spend

A next-gen SIEM solution with a simple and predictable licensing model enables businesses to spend less to keep their data secure, regardless of the amount of data they have and the number of sources from which data is logged.