Secudrive helps organizations of all sizes and industries to protect their valuable data easier and more efficient than ever before.

Secudrive Data Security and Management

Secure and Collaborative Workspace

Files cannot be taken out from the workspace yet can be edited within the workspace. Administrator can control user rights and monitor file activities remotely.

Secure and

Manageable USB Drives

Hardware encrypted USB drives can be managed and monitored by IT administrators, with functions to wipe data, lock USB drives, update policies, and view activity logs remotely.

Easy and Seamless Implementation

Secudrive is a drive-based data security system that is more practical and easier to both operate and manage, relative to file-based security system.


Data Security Solutions Are Protecting Confidential Data Of Global Enterprises

Secudrive is helping thousands of customers and partners across the globe to establish reliable data security and prevent data leaks from both internal and external threats.

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