What Does LepideAuditor Do?

At Lepide, we believe all organizations should have a proactive and continuous means knowing how their most privileged users are interacting with their critical systems and data. Knowing this is critical to ensuring a secure IT environment, streamlining operations and meeting compliance. Whether you’re trying to address data leakage, privilege abuse, insider threats or compliance – we’re here to help. LepideAuditor, our simple to use, realistically priced solution gives you the visibility you need, where you need it most.

Intuitive DashboardGet a bird’s eye view of your whole environment with a summary of the total number of changes made to each platform, per administrator, by source and even by trend. Our dynamic LiveFeed displays changes as they happen to keep you informed.


Monitor and Analyze Your Data to

Strengthen Your IT Security

both On-Premise and in the Cloud

Data Access Governance

Discover, tag and classify your sensitive data with the built-in File Classification Infrastructure in File Server. Then get in-depth analysis, reports and alerts on user behaviour and permissions to this data through a free integration.

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SIEM Integration

Integrate LepideAuditor with any SIEM solution (or multiple SIEM solutions, if required) and improve your overall ROI. Give context to the SIEM output data and reduce the amount of time that it takes to understand, spot and react to data breaches.

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Session Monitoring

Monitor and record what your users are doing in your critical systems and to your sensitive data. Monitor an unlimited number of computers in any region or country, as well as second screens and floating devices, such as laptops.

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Why Choose LepideAuditor?

With data breaches on the rise and the increased stringency of compliance mandates, LepideAuditor is a must have for any organization serious about their IT security.

  • Real insight and intelligence into changes taking place to critical systems and sensitive data
  • Automate your response to potentially damaging changes through custom script execution
  • Get ready for that upcoming compliance audit with hundreds of compliance ready reports

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