IT Infrastructure Support Services

We offer end-to-end management of mission critical infrastructure following a service-oriented approach, thus delivering seamless IT support to our clients. Our specialized technical expertise and standardized procedures ensure minimum downtime and optimal use of server, network and users equipment. By ensuring smooth operations and enabling high performance, we leverage our clients’ IT infrastructure as a strategic asset.

Service portfolio

        Network Management & Support Services

  • Installation & maintenance of passive and active network equipment.
  • Network monitoring & incident management.
  •  Troubleshooting.
  • SLA based operations.

      Data Center Services

  • Installation, configuration, monitoring & maintenance of server infrastructure.
  • Virtualization services.
  •  OS & Database maintenance & support.
  • Storage management.
  •  Migration and consolidation services.

      Users IT Support services

  • End user support, both technical and functional (on local applications use).
  • End users training.
  • Installation, configuration, monitoring & maintenance of end-user computing equipment.
  • Second Level Support for admins and client’s IT staff.
  • IT asset management services.
  • Logistic services for end user equipment in global or large scale environment