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lets you create and manage email signatures, legal disclaimers, automatic replies, and marketing campaigns for all users in your Microsoft 365 organization. It’s a cloud service that works with all email apps and devices, including Windows, Mac, mobiles, and tablets.

Complete control of Office 365 (Microsoft 365) email signatures

When CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 works in server-side mode, signatures and disclaimers are added in the cloud to outgoing messages based on the rules you define. Each signature rule contains conditions and exceptions that trigger it, which gives you practically endless options for adding both organization-wide Office 365 (Microsoft 365) signatures as well as email signatures tailored to individual users or groups. And the best part is that you don’t have to be an Office 365 admin to handle email signature management in your organization.

complete control of email signatures

Signatures added directly in Outlook when you compose an email

Give users more control over their email signatures with client-side signature mode. Create signature templates, make them available to selected users, and let these users choose which signature template to add when they compose emails in Outlook. Client-side signatures fully support S/MIME signed and encrypted messages

All email clients and mobile devices supported

There are absolutely no limitations when it comes to email clients. The program can insert email signatures into messages sent from literally any mobile device.

Logos, banners and social media buttons in signatures

Images, banners, social media buttons and other graphics are fully supported by CodeTwo email signature software, and you can use them freely in your email signature templates. Not only this makes your emails look more professional, but also opens up new possibilities as far as email marketing is concerned. CodeTwo Email Signature can also help you strengthen your corporate identity.

Azure AD & user photo support

CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 can automatically add signatures and update them with Azure AD properties on the fly.

Office 365 users’ photos in signatures

With CodeTwo Office 365 signature manager, you can include Office 365 users' photos as part of email signatures.

Signatures in replies and forwards

CodeTwo advanced email signature positioning system adds email signatures to replies and forwards as you see fit – not only at the bottom of the entire email conversation.

Graphics embedded in email (no need to click Download pictures)

The program lets you embed graphical parts of your signature in an email. This means that the recipient will always see a fully branded signature on every device, and without having to click “Download pictures”. No more red Xs and paperclip icons

One-click CSAT surveys

It is possible to automatically add personalized one-click customer satisfaction surveys to your email signatures – no matter what devices are used. This feature lets you precisely measure and analyze your customers’ satisfaction, react accordingly and reward your team

Email marketing & analytics

Use email signatures for marketing and track the results

Send marketing communication to your customers in email footers and add URL tagging to links. Track the results of your campaigns in web analytics platforms, e.g. in Google Analytics.

Automate email marketing campaigns

Plan email marketing campaigns ahead by using the Scheduler. This way every email marketing campaign you scheduled in the application will run automatically when the right time comes

See signatures as you type an email & in Sent Items

View signatures while composing an email
Our users can see CodeTwo signatures while composing an email. This works within Outlook, Outlook for Mac and Outlook on the web (OWA). We are the first vendor in the world that added preview functionality for server-side signatures.

email signature marketing
Email signatures in Sent Items

You can enable the Sent Items Update feature to let your users view the signatures that have been added in the cloud in their Sent Items folders, on every device. Furthermore, the feature lets you easily ensure compliance with legal regulations. All this without affecting the application's or Office 365's performance!

Easy to deploy and use

Express deployment
All aspects of the setup, including the configuration of Exchange Online connectors, are guided by automatic wizards. All you need to do is authorize the process with your Office 365 global admin credentials and run the program’s signature management console to create your first email signature.

Built-in signature template editor

One of the most powerful CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365’s features is the built-in WYSIWYG editor. HTML expert or not, you will be churning out professional HTML email signature templates like a pro.

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