Genians’ Next-Gen NAC provides any organization with the most essential cybersecurity features and functionalities to keep network assets safe and secure. Without disturbing existing operations, Genians’ Next-Gen NAC ensures full network surveillance for all network-enabled devices and provides dynamic access control to maintain compliance with IT security policies. It then leverages automation to orchestrate an organization’s entire security portfolio in concert with NAC to achieve an optimally secure network access environment.

The traditional approach to achieving network visibility through device fingerprinting is no longer sufficient to meet the demands of the IoT era, where most devices now access networks that are constantly changing. Genians’ network sensing technology powered by Device Platform Intelligence (DPI) discovers and presents all detected devices’ business contextual and risk-related information along with their technical information without disturbing existing network infrastructure. The resulting intelligence enhances visibility and allows operators to detect and respond to any non-compliant or compromised devices in real time.


Network Surveillance

Genian NAC can monitor IP-enabled devices on your network in real-time using a non-disruptive Layer 2 based Network Sensor and classifies those devices and their users into logical groups based on your business requirements. Genian NAC has the intelligence to sort out a wide range of network-connected devices and their states to present immediate, meaningful, and actionable information.



  • Monitor heterogeneous network environments without changing existing network configuration
  • Monitor wireless packets by Wireless Sensors or Agents
  • Monitor all managed, unmanaged, and even legacy networking devices


  • Provide the most accurate device platform information and see access trends
  • Discover contextual access information (Who, What, Where, When, How)
  • Detect compliance status change on time


  • Find non-compliant, unknown, rogue, misconfigured devices
  • Discover abnormal network traffics (e.g. ARP Spoofing/Bombing, MAC/IP Cloning, Port scanning, Invalid Gateway)
  • Present personalized information through fully customizable dashboards



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