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Collect, Analyze, Visualize, and Diagnose with your Log Data along with Metrics for Complete Visibility at Scale

Unified Log Management and Full-stack Monitoring

Motadata Log Analytics is intended to assist organizations in gathering, analyzing, monitoring, and visualizing log data for rapid investigation, troubleshooting, and higher-level analytics. Effortless Collection Methods Combine Logs, Metrics, and Streaming Data for a Centralized View with Deeper Context for Analyzing Logs Events.

Actionable Insights for Services, Apps, Systems, Devices

As logs are forwarded, Motadata immediately clusters the received log data in real-time and intelligently surfaces trends in log activity. 

  • Collect and CorrelateCollect logs from a heterogeneous environment with agent-based or agent-less collection methods. Correlate your logs and metrics via email, Slack, and other channels.
  • One-Stop Solution: One robust agent that collects any type of data or format from any kind of source. One-stop solution to install, configure, and scale.
  • On-demand Customization: Stay in Compliance with log retention, audit, or regulation for legacy log reporting policies based on your organization’s requirements.

AI-Based Log Analytics

Make machine learning and advanced analytics level up your investigation and troubleshooting. Monitor and manage your logs data with a Log management solution that is easy to deploy and effortless to manage.

  • Centralized Configuration: Log pattern analytics for rapid insight across millions of log events.  Store and connect your logs data in a centralized location to detect anomalies and respond to them more quickly.
  • Reduced MTTR: Use log clustering to consolidate your operational visibility for all your applications and services. Reduce MTTR by troubleshooting with 100+ out-of-box Log Parsing apps, which groups surrounding logs to search in seconds.
  • Advanced Analytics: Monitor, analyze, and diagnose hybrid and multi-cloud environment issues with a unified platform — get advanced analytics in real-time driven by machine learning.


Live Tail and Alerting

Eliminate blind spots with full support for hundreds of log sources including on-premise to cloud and everything in between. Spend less time on configuration and more time on insights.
  • Smart Alerting: Use anomaly detection to automatically identify abnormal behavior. Get the alerts you want to be notified about and receive them via email, Slack, and other channels.
  • Live Log Tail: Put live tail in action to see the live feed logs data from multiple sources. Intelligently analyze and aggregate log events across apps, devices, and systems.

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