MOTADATA Data Analytics Platform

Derive Security Intelligence out of Network with Event Log Analyzer and Network Bandwidth Monitoring

Unleash Undiscovered Insights from your IT Data

Analyse machine data to identify trends and unleash meaningful insights with log & flow management capabilities. Derive undiscovered insights from the vast untouched data with Elastic search precision from our log management & big data analytics platform. Motadata lets users search, monitor, alert and generate reports for all log and flow data in real time. It proactively fights threats with event correlation analytics.

The platform processes all kind of log data generated from multiple heterogeneous sources. Know how your network is being utilized by bandwidth monitoring and NetFlow traffic analyser. Get real-time insights into network usage with customized reports like Top Applications by Traffic, Top conversations by Traffic, Top Traffic Destinations by Host IP, Top Traffic Sources by IP address, Top Traffic Receivers by IP etc.



Log Management

Get the most out of your machine and log data with the help of Motadata’s log management. It is all about collecting, parsing and storing logs that helps IT teams to understand & derive intelligence. Motadata helps you, use your log and machine data for meeting compliances & IT security. The platform ensures real-time high availability along with efficient log data management with the use of fast & flexible search & indexing interface.

Flow Management

Flow monitoring enables IT Teams to optimize network performance. Flow monitoring also provides information about potential attacks, misconfigurations & user activity. Overall, this module provides IT professionals, network visibility to streamline network operations, troubleshooting, and henceforth optimize the performance of the entire IT infrastructure.

Log Management | RAS Infotech



  • Lower the risk and improve security posture to reduce operational complexity
  • Substantial reduction in network implementation, operation and management costs
  • Understand real time business operations using log data
  • Prevention of security intrusion and unauthorized access with proactive alerts
  • Better protect infrastructure against both internal and external threats
  • Snap out of Security Breaches & secure the network confidently
  • Boost your network traffic analysis capability

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