Verity Systems Security Products has its roots in the defense and security industry. We design, manufacture, and sell the most extensive range of degaussers and data destroyers on the market, suitable for all types of magnetic media, making us the market leader in data destruction.

Our engineers have over 30 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing degaussers, previously under the Verity brand. Applications range from security erasure of hard drives and backup tapes, the erasing of broadcast audio and video tapes for recycling purposes, to the physical destruction of hard disk and solid state drives

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Degaussing: An Introduction

What is a Degausser?

It is a machine used to eliminate data stored on computer and laptop hard drives, floppy disks, and magnetic tape, by randomly changing the alignment of magnetic domains on the medium.

Benefits of Using a Degausser
  • Assurance that all sensitive data has been erased permanently
  • Disposes classified media quickly, safely and in-house
  • Improvement in the quality of output
  • Sizeable savings in operating costs
  • Meets the NSA and CESG requirements for sanitization of classified information

Simply overwriting magnetic media does not completely erase data. Only a degausser can remove data 100% and ensure that confidential data is securely and completely erased.

The Datagauss Hard Drive And Tape Degausser

Operation of Degaussers

The operation of degaussers will vary depending on the type and quality of media and the speed and degree of erasure required. When erasing tapes, either the cassette must move through the magnetic field or you must move a magnetic field over the cassette. In each case, the consistency of the motion, the strength of the field and the distribution of that field over the entire media are what determine the quality of the erasure.

Most professionals and engineers agree that a conveyor transport degausser, which allows the user to place the magnetic media on a small belt, which in turn passes the media through or over the degaussing coils at a constant speed, assures the most uniform process. Custom-designed degaussers can assist with the specialist needs of bulk operators with belt feed conveyors; collection hoppers are available to deal with tapes, disks and reels, all helping in making the operation effective & efficient.

Effective degaussing is very much a performance factor of the machine and generally passing the media through the field twice does not improve the effectiveness. If however the media is rotated by 90 degrees, some improvement can be achieved. Verity Systems Security Products have developed an eraser employing "state of the art" technology that uses a rotating coil technique. The media passes on a variable speed conveyor belt through a field, generated by two powerful coils, which are rotating, one above the media, the other beneath it.

With the ever-increasing demand to fit more & more data on smaller media, there is now a requirement that can be more important than absolute erasure. That is consistency of erasure.

It is widely understood that data at a high packing density stored on magnetic media is easier to erase than lower density data. The data signal-to-noise ratios, bit-to-bit phase relationships, and amplitude variations all become more critical and require more sophisticated electronics to ensure valid error-free data recovery. Variations of magnetic flux, remaining from a poor erasure cycle, will make data recovery more difficult and will result in increasing errors.

Points to Consider When Choosing a Degausser

  1. Type of media used: What formats do you need to be degaussed? Different degaussers can handle different types of media.
  2. Volume of media: How much media do you need to degauss and in what sort of timeframe?
  3. Density of media: Magnetic media varies in its density. You will need a degausser with enough power to completely erase data on your media.
  4. Type of Operation: Manual or Automatic. Do you have enough time to erase tapes manually or would you prefer an automated system?
  5. Proposed location of degausser: How much room do you have for a degausser?
The SDD Master Government Approved
The SDD Master Government Approved Degausser



  • Bulk erasure of variety of magnetic media e.g. metal drives, tapes etc.
  • NATO approved
  • Completely erases data from cassettes in twelve seconds and 3 minutes to degauss a hard drive
  • Easy to use
  • A thorough and cost-effective degaussing method

Verity Systems V91 HDD Max Degausser

Manually operated backup tape and hard drive degausser

Low Volume

20 HDD / 40 Back-Up Tapes per hour

12 second gauss time

The V91 HDD Max manual hard drive degausser is second generation, high energy degaussing tool for hard drive destruction, specially designed for the cost-effective, complete erasure of data from today’s high coercivity hard drives and tapes. With a 7000 gauss field, complete erasure is assured every time in as little as 12 seconds per hard drive or backup tape.

The Verity V91 Max hard drive degausser is for the low volume operator who wishes to have an effective yet low budget solution to eliminate magnetic media security risks and total hard drive destruction.

The DataGauss LG offers all the benefits of the best-selling DataGauss an automatic hard drive and back-up tape degausser which also comes fitted the unique Data Destruction Auditor solution which enables the user to document and verify their hard drive sanitization/erasure and create data protection audit-ready reports.

The DataGauss LG degausser erases hard drives and back-up tapes quickly and effectively with its powerful 9000 gauss force. The DataGauss LG self-calibrating degausser provides the user with assured erasure time after time. If you’re looking for fast, reliable and permanent erasure of medium quantities of hard drives and tapes but with the added bonus of being able to produce tangible evidence that media has been completely erased, the DataGauss LG is one of the best hard drive erasers on the market.

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