Logpoint SIEM empower analysts with automation, orchestration & response

The increasing sophistication and speed of cyber attacks combined with the global shortage of cyber talent, means security teams are dealing with more alerts, cases, and event data than ever before.

Logpoint is the only unified SIEM-SOAR solution that collects, analyzes, and prioritizes security incidents to help analysts identify and resolve incidents fast and keep businesses safe.

With built-in detection, investigation, and response playbooks, Logpoint orchestrates critical processes to increase SOC productivity and ensure a consistent response.

How to manage cases

Logpoint SIEM automatically gathers supporting information for each case to that help analysts quickly resolve incidents. In this video, our senior presales engineer Jason shows how to detect and respond to malware using Logpoint – from an alert being raised to investigating a case.

Streamline security operations for businesses of all sizes

Available as SaaS, in the cloud, or on-prem, Logpoint combines security information and event management (SIEM) with security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR). Analysts get one out-of-the-box solution for the entire threat detection, investigation and response process.

With built-in detection, investigation, and response playbooks, Logpoint orchestrates critical processes to increase productivity and ensure a consistent response.

Precise and consistent analysis and response

Through normalization, correlation, and adding contextual information, Logpoint transforms logs into high-quality data, which drives automated investigation and response and minimizes the operational overhead of translating data and alerts between tools.

Work efficiently across tools

Logpoint has out-of-the-box integrations to connect with existing security technologies including endpoint protection, network detection, and threat management. Playbooks make it possible to automate parts of the triage, investigation, and response.

Save time during incident response

Ready-to-use playbooks for important use cases help guide analysts about which areas of the business to automate. Analysts can easily tailor and add their own playbooks to meet specific business processes and get up and running quickly.

Improve threat detection and response

LogPoint helps visualize data and automatically puts it into context, including real-time threat intelligence, so analysts can act quickly and consistently.

Improve the overall security posture

Logpoint SIEM provides compliance for all major regulatory domains such as SCHREMS-II, HIPAA, GDPR, and supports forensic analysis and investigation, making it effortless to present compliance evidence and determine the root cause of the breaches.

Decrease time to detect and respond

LogPoint helps security teams be more efficient by automating tasks and providing structured workflows for many of their day-to-day tasks.

Fast data analysis

LogPoint normalizes all event logs into a common taxonomy and maps to MITRE to enable fast alert analysis, correlation and incident prioritization.

Reduce business risk

One tool for detection, investigation, and response ensures a consistent response to alerts coming from within and outside the network.

Reduce cyber risk

Enriching data with information about users, assets, threats, and vulnerabilities, make data actionable so organizations get insight to make critical decisions.

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In today’s digital world, riddled with alert fatigue and a constant need for market adjustments – a solution that simplifies complexity, and brings customers greater contextual awareness is essential. LogPoint is the solution – that works for anyone, anywhere and at any time.

With a large variety of SIEM solutions to choose from, you need to ensure you select the one that best fits your business’ needs. Download the next-gen SIEM brochure to learn what makes us unique.