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DeviceLock is a leading provider of endpoint device and port control software for data leak prevention (DLP) in the BYOD and Cloud-enabled enterprise. Over 70,000 customers have deployed DeviceLock on over 7 million computers. DeviceLock has a vast range of corporate customers including financial institutions, state and federal government agencies, classified military networks, healthcare providers, telecommunications companies, and educational institutions.


Somansa Data Loss Prevention (DLP) security solution is designed to help organizations in financial services, healthcare, retail, government and other industries protect sensitive company data including intellectual property and confidential information, wherever it may be (cloud, on-premise, endpoints) from leakage, while reducing the costs and complexity of managing a DLP solution.

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Klassify Technology Pvt. Ltd., a company founded in 2014 by Information Security professionals. Klassify is designed based on our years of experience, research and the vision to involve end user in Data Security. It has been running a successful info-sec enterprise for more than two decades in India, serving Medium & Large Enterprises across industry verticals. We are a team of cross functional specialists with Development, Security and Consulting background along with an experienced, strong security & coding team.

DECE Software

Classification identifies and labels data by your protection policies. GEODI Classification suite has both automatic and manual classification tools that help keep your Desktop, Office, CAD or OWA(Web mail) data safe.

Classifcation Suite is compatible with your preffered DLP and backed by powerful GEODI Discovery.