If you can see it, you can stop it.

All of your security requirements can be managed from a single console. WithSecure Elements provides the clarity, flexibility, and technology needed to adapt to changing threats and business requirements.

WithSecure (formerly F-Secure) Elements Endpoint Detection and Response provides instant visibility into your IT environment and security status from a single pane of glass. It protects your company and data by detecting threats quickly and responding with expert advice. You can also escalate the most difficult cases to our elite cyber security specialists, ensuring that we are always on your side.

WithSecure Elements Endpoint Detection and Response is a module of the Elements cyber security platform. The cloud-based platform protects against ransomware and advanced attacks effectively. Elements combine vulnerability management, automated patch management, dynamic threat intelligence, and continuous behavioral analytics into a single platform. Individual solutions can be used for specific needs, or all of them can be combined seamlessly for maximum defense.

Why WithSecure™ Elements Endpoint Detection and Response?


Improve visibility

Improve visibility into your IT environment status and security with application and endpoint inventories. Easily spot misuse from proper use by collecting and correlating behavioral events beyond malware.


Detect breaches quickly

Detect targeted attacks quickly thanks to immediate alerts with minimal false positives. Be prepared before breaches happen by setting up advanced threat detection & response capabilities within just a few days


Respond fast whenever under attack

Improve your team's focus with built-in automation and intelligence that support a swift response to the real advanced threats and targeted attacks. Get guidance on how to respond with the option to automate response actions around the clock.

A powerful solution

Broad Context Detection

The broader context of targeted attacks becomes instantly visible on a timeline with all impacted hosts, relevant events, and recommended actions.

The solution uses real-time behavioral, reputational, and big data analysis with machine learning to automatically place detections into a broader context, including risk levels, affected host importance, and the prevailing threat landscape. Read more from our Broad Context Detection" whitepaper.

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Event Search

With this built-in feature, you can view, search, and explore the event data collected from your company endpoints that are related to any Broad Context Detections.

Event Search for Threat Hunting

This advanced feature is used to explore and interact with all the raw event data collected from the endpoints. Its sophisticated filtering capabilities let your cyber security experts at SOC execute proactive threat hunting to detect and stop the most sophisticated hidden threats. Event Search for Threat Hunting is an optional component of WithSecure™ Elements Endpoint Detection and Response.


Elevate to WithSecure™

Some detections require deeper threat analysis and guidance by specialized cyber security experts. For these tough cases, the solution has a unique built-in "Elevate to WithSecure" service. It offers a professional incident analysis of methods and technologies, network routes, traffic origins, and timelines of Broad Context Detection™ to provide expert advice and further response guidance whenever under attack.

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Automated Response

Automated response actions can be used to reduce the impact of targeted cyber attacks by containing them around the clock whenever risk levels are high enough. This automation is designed specifically to support teams only available during business hours, also taking the criticality of detections into account.

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