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Senhasegura strive to ensure the sovereignty of companies over actions and privileged information. To this end, we work against data theft through traceability of administrator actions on networks, servers, databases and a multitude of devices. In addition,  pursue compliance with auditing requirements and the most demanding standards, including PCI DSS, Sarbanes-Oxley, ISO 27001 and HIPAA.

Increased security and performance for your PAM solution. Appliance-based hardware solution with custom operating system and embedded proprietary database to ensure greater security and better solution performance. Hardware appliances will be installed in data centers and controlled access locations and the solution is ready for use after basic network configurations.

Endpoint security, also known as endpoint protection, is a vital strategy for safeguarding computer networks linked to remote client devices, which include laptops, tablets, mobile phones, IoT devices, and various wireless gadgets. When these endpoint devices are connected to corporate networks, the potential attack surface for malicious actors grows, allowing them to carry out their activities. The primary goal of endpoint security is to enforce compliance with predefined standards, thus reducing security risks and maintaining network integrity.

The current software delivery pipeline emphasizes efficiently delivering high-quality products and services to the market. DevOps (Development and Operations) methodologies play a central role in achieving this by promoting collaboration, rapid deployment, integration, continuous delivery, and development processes. Many organizations are leveraging DevOps to enhance security, and senhasegura's solution is designed to automate and secure the entire environment, ensuring agility and control. With its Scan Discovery feature, senhasegura DevOps Secret Manager can scan the pipeline to identify sensitive data and manage secrets across the environment without the need for code refactoring.

An alarming 74% of organizations experience outages caused by expired certificates, primarily due to human error and neglect of certificate expiration. Often, certificate management is done manually, stored in spreadsheets. However, senhasegura's Certificate Manager offers a centralized solution to oversee the entire certificate lifecycle within the organization. This comprehensive tool encompasses certificate discovery, automated scanning of websites, directories, and web servers, and facilitates certificate renewal through both external and internal certification authorities, ensuring uninterrupted security.