NOC/SOC Design and Operations Consulting

NOC/SOC Design and Operations Consulting

We bring our decades of expertise to help you design, implement and operate a world-class NOC/SOC. We can assist to create overall system architecture, physical layout planning, tools selection and customization and operational process and procedure creation of your NOC/SOC.

Expanding the IT environment in relation to network, applications, databases, servers, storages, links, users etc…, requires hiring of IT management staff, technicians/engineers with selective qualifications, and addition of more tools & software to handle the new expansion. Adding more services also mean adding more risk in security, performance, load etc. All these aspects must be examined well before adding any new service.

RAS Infotech offers end-to-end solutions for network and security management by providing our qualified engineers and consultants.

Key Benefits

  • Proactive support, with real-time 24/7 monitoring and management
  • Accelerate detection of security threats, risks, and vulnerabilities that will improve  overall Security posture
  • Bridge the gap between IT resource deficiency and building a successful defense against today’s evolving cyber threats
  • Reduction of operational cost and complexity in your IT infrastructure
  • Deliver stable, reliable, and secure business processes
  • Provide enhanced actionable intelligence on how your available IT resources can be most efficiently implemented and deployed