Randtronics DPM makes it easy to secure your data everywhere, without slowing down your business


Randtronics Data Privacy Manager (DPM) is a 100% software-only data security platform that manages encryption-based protection structured and unstructured data on-premise and on-cloud.

The products in the DPM suite between them provide:

  • Universal, centralized key management with assurance to FIPs 140-2/3 Level 3/4 and Common Criteria EAL 4+/5+
  • Encryption, format preserved encryption, tokenization and masking
  • No-code change Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) for Windows and Linux environments
  • No-code change field-level protection (FLP) for MS-SQL Server and Oracle Database and flat files
  • Low-code API protection for any field-level protection (FLP) for any application-database stored anywhere
  • Data sovereignty assurance: total control of where data and keys are stored and used
  • Shared file encryption to protect files shared across Dropbox, email, OneDrive, Google Drive, FTP



Protecting Structured and Unstructured data on-premise or on-cloud

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Future-proofing and flexibility

Randtronics DPM offers you future-proofing and flexibility to design and evolve a data privacy solution to meet your changing business requirements.

DPM components work together provide a comprehensive centrally managed enterprise encryption platform or customers can opt to mix and match to meet their specific requirements:

  • Standalone no-code TDE with automated key management
  • Standalone enterprise key management
  • No-code TDE with key management
  • FLP with key management
  • Point & Click protection for file sharing via insecure medium & media (with or without centralized key management)
  • All of the above:  no-code TDE, FLP and centralized key management

Most organizations are on a journey to improve and evolve their data protection methods and are looking for solutions that can both address immediate requirements plus provide a pathway to more comprehensive coverage.

With this flexibility in mind, we have designed the DPM product suite to allow customers to mix and match components to address a wide range of encryption-based requirements.

We offer Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) with or without Enterprise Key Management.

For customers with an existing TDE solution from their DB vendor (native TDE), Randtronics offers the ability to extend encryption protection to include the extended database environment plus the ability to air-gap sensitive data from the IT Organization.

For customers seeking to implement fine-grained Field Level Data Protection (FLP) masking, pseudonymization, tokenization or anonymization we offer a range of no-code and low-code solutions that between them allow advanced field-level data de-identification protection for any application storing data in database or flat-file.

Lastly, we as are consistently hearing customers asking for simple but secure means of sharing sensitive data over insecure medium or media we also offer a utility to address Transit Protection.

Randtronics DPM Protects Keys and Data: at-Rest, in-Use and in-Transit



TDE – Transparent Data Encryption

FLP – Field Level Data Protection

API – Application Programming Interface

Native TDE – Non-Randtronics TDE solution from DB vendor

N/A – Not applicable i.e. Policy-based data protection not possible with Native TDE


DPM Enterprise Encryption Management Products

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