Semantic Classification for Strong Data Protection

Why Data Classification?

Classification identifies and labels data by your protection policies. GEODI Classification suite has both automatic and manual classification tools that help keep your Desktop, Office, CAD or OWA(Web mail) data safe.

Classifcation Suite is compatible with your preffered DLP and backed by powerful GEODI Discovery.

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Desktop Classifier

The classification agent enables the user or system in the organization to classify any kind of file in Windows Explorer manually, or automatically. Data types like CAD, Video, Office, and others can all be labeled.

MS Office Classifier

With the classification plugin that works in Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook, you can make automatic or manual classification while saving, printing, or sending e-mails or documents. Office classification tools apply defined header, footer, and watermarks.

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Exchange Server/Office 365 Classifier

OWA, Exchange Server, and Webmail users can classify outgoing e-mails automatically or manually.