SecureTrust SSL Overview

With today’s online hazards, companies must assure consumers of the validity, credibility, and security of their websites through verified identity and encryption. There are so many secure certificate options available that every vendor might seem like the next.

SecureTrust combines its digital certificate offering with simplified management and a dedicated support team to meet your growing certificate needs. As one of the earliest Certificate Authorities, SecureTrust leads the industry with the next generation in server certificate security, expert technical support, and streamlined validation procedures.


Trusted Seal

The Trusted Commerce website security seal is a mark of credibility. Web sites that display this seal can be trusted to handle sensitive information in a secure manner. Millions of consumers view the Trusted Commerce seal daily on merchant websites across numerous industries.

Dedicated Support

At SecureTrust, customers don’t get lost in the crowd. SecureTrustdedicated support team of experts are available to quickly resolve your issues and implement your certificates smoothly in the most secure manner. Phone, email or live web chat – the SecureTrust SSL Support Team is ready when you are.

Free Re-issue

SecureTrust offers you free SSL certificate reissues for any reason. Did your server crash and you lost your private key? Simply log in to the SecureTrust® SSL Control Center and you can quickly reissue your SSL certificate so you're back in business with minimal downtime.

Unlimited Licenses

Have more than one server? SecureTrust certificates can be added to unlimited servers.

Browser Compatibility

SecureTrust’s root certificates are globally trusted with 99.9% browser ubiquity.

Ready to talk?

SecureTrust’s web risk monitoring suite is fully customizable. Starting with the base service of content monitoring, we will build your solution based on your business goals, your merchant portfolio, and your budget. Learn more about how SecureTrust can help protect your business by contacting us today.