Move Your Security Operations to the Next Level with Logsign SIEM & SOAR

Get complete visibility and control over your data. Reduce MTTR and enhance staff productivity by automating and orchestrating detection and response procedures.

Logsign SOAR

Improve your SecOps with automated workflows, improved investigation, and faster incident response on a single, powerful platform.

The Logsign Security Automation, Orchestration, and Response Platform

Security automation is critical for providing a secure environment that is both nimble and efficient. Once repetitive and time-consuming procedures are automated, analysts will be less exhausted and will have more time to focus on major situations that necessitate a decision-making process. In this approach, automation and greater attention to and involvement of analysts in essential activities enhance an organization's crisis response capability dramatically. With a well-designed, broad-based SOAR, better and quicker investigations, as well as decreased detection and reaction times, are on the table.

Automate and Orchestrate Workflows

Utilizing interactive case management, you can automate time-consuming repetitive activities and keep security analysts on the same page. Manage the incident life cycle from beginning to conclusion in a unified manner.

Accelerated Incident Response

Examine notifications and confirm threat levels. To limit the number of false positives, they should be triaged. Response time is measured in seconds, not hours.

Logsign SIEM

Allows security analysts to gather and store infinite data, study and detect dangers, and respond automatically, giving them complete visibility and control over their data lake.

The Logsign Security Information and Event Management Platform

A SIEM product may be required for a variety of reasons. One of the most important is security. Only a solid security posture can help you reduce security threats while keeping your business operations functioning. In every business, your company will need to create a data lake and store large amounts of data on a clustered, highly available big-data infrastructure. It creates the ideal setting for you to see and secure.'Real-time monitoring, threat detection, investigation, and automatic responses enable your team to keep your business running smoothly while also keeping your organization safe and secure.

Why Logsign Next-Gen SIEM?

360-Degree Visualization

Hundreds of security analytics-driven dashboards and reports are already built-in.

Smartly Designed User Interface

Platform has built-in modules that are simple to use, as well as the ability to develop new ones.

Affordable Data Security

With Log sign's many, flexible price choices, calculating costs is straightforward.