If You Can’t See It, Then You Can’t Protect It

The Kiteworks platform unifies visibility across third party communication channels to provide a centralized view of all sensitive information shared outside the enterprise. With total visibility into where data is going, who is accessing it, and how it is shared, the Kiteworks delivers a Private Content Network that enables tight governance, strict compliance, preemptive threat detection, and fast incident response.


See All Content Exchanged with Third Parties

CISO Dashboard | Unified Visibility
  • Visualize all sensitive information entering and leaving the firm
  • Understand who’s sending what to whom, when, where, and how
  • Dynamically track the inventory of digital assets in motion
  • Detect suspicious activity and take action on anomalies
  • Pass audits and complies with industry regulations
  • Create custom dashboards and reports in your SIEM

Inspect Every Communication for Complete Compliance and Control

Real-time Inspection | Unified Visibility

  • The more you see, the stronger your defense
  • Apply policy, investigate incidents, isolate threats and formulate responses
  • Leverage user, app, device, network, protocol, and file data
  • Automatically respond to failed DLP, ATP, IDS, and logins
  • Manually drill down to fine-grained transaction details

Detect Anomalies to Prevent Breaches Before They Happen

Security Analytics | Unified Visibility

  • Analyze behavior and content, not just traffic and packets
  • Aggregate and analyze transactions across communication channels
  • Establish baselines to separate legitimate communications from leaks and threats
  • Automatically detect threats with advanced machine learning
  • Create alerts to respond rapidly to incidents in real-time

Centralized Reporting Across Communication Channels

Consolidated Syslog | Unified Visibility

  • Normalized logging across all communication channels, including email, file sharing, mobile, MFT, SFTP, etc.
  • Detailed, trusted audit logs lay the foundation for threat prevention and compliance
  • Preserve all files, versions, emails, and activity traces for litigation
  • Feed your SIEM with clean, pre-correlated log data
  • Analyze historical data for continuous improvement