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Secure Browsing (Remote Browser Isolation)


Why do organization ns use Remote Browser Isolation to prevent cyber risks?


Over 40% of breaches are initiated via web browsers, making browsing a top cyber threat vector for enterprises. Yet no modern organization can function without the internet. Ericom Shield safely isolates active web content away from endpoints, so users can safely, seamlessly browse the websites they need to get their work done.


Prevention without Detection


Malware, ransomware, and zero-day threats emerge too rapidly for anti-malware solutions to keep up. If just one threat slips by your detection tool, results can be catastrophic.

With Ericom Shield, no active web content ever reaches network endpoints. Websites and browsing sessions are rendered in remote, isolated containers in the cloud and only safe, interactive media streams representing the website are sent to user browsers.


Zero Trust Browsing

You’ve adopted the Zero Trust approach of never implicitly trusting users or resources. So why trust content on the internet, today’s leading cyber threat vector, to be malware-free?

Ericom Shield Zero Trust Browsing (Remote Browser Isolation) operates on the assumption that all website content is suspicious, to protect enterprise networks from malicious content on every website user browse.


Maintain Productivity

Ericom Shield complements your existing secure web  and secure email gateway solutions  by allowing full access to URLs that are whitelisted and blocking those flagged as suspicious.

For sites lacking reputational history, rather than frustrating users by blocking them and burdening helpdesks with access requests, Ericom Shield allows users to browse safely while isolating potentially malicious content from endpoints and protecting enterprise assets.

Phishing Protection (Email Threat Isolation)

Phishing Email and Site Isolation

Emails are the crucial first link in the delivery chain for most malware and ransomware attacks today. Secure email and web gateways can’t protect against phishing sites without denying access to all unknown URLs, which greatly impacts user experience. Ericom Shield enables users to safely access even risky sites and safeguards them from credential theft.


Neutralize Phishing Attacks

Emails are the cyber threat delivery vector that’s mostly likely to succeed. Despite widespread user training, manipulative appeals continue to dupe distracted users into clicking.

Ericom Shield protects enterprises by executing websites accessed from email-embedded URLs within remote isolated containers in the cloud. Only a safe, clean, malware-free media stream representing the site reaches endpoints.


Thwart Credential Theft

The credentials you use to access cloud apps and internal systems are the keys to your digital castle. To capture them, attackers launch phishing campaigns that evade SWGs by creating rouge websites that are removed before they can be categorized.

Ericom Shield opens websites from email-embedded URLs in isolated “read-only” mode, protecting enterprises from users who might be fooled into entering credentials in brilliantly spoofed sites.


Integrate with Email Gateways

Enhance email security and prevent cyber risks by protecting users from links to phishing sites, previewing and sanitizing attachments for download, and enabling users to safely access their personal webmail from the corporate network.

Reduce dependence on categorization decisions by leveraging Ericom Shield to isolate ambiguous websites. Keep users productive and endpoints protected, and liberate IT staff from disruptive user access requests.


Document -borne Malware Protection (Content Disarm & reconstruction (CDR))

Prevent File-based Malware Infection

Downloadable files are effective vectors for delivering malware and other malicious attacks straight onto endpoints and networks to which they’re connected. Ericom Shield's built-in Content Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR) strips active content from files in real time, to create safe, sanitized files that retain their native functionality.

Safely Download Files from the Web

Embedding threats in documents reduces the likelihood of detection and clears a path to the enterprise environment via malicious downloads from the web

Ericom Shield CDR technology sanitizes document downloads, preventing malware from being introduced into the enterprise environment via malicious downloads.

Sanitize Email Attachments

Files are becoming increasingly complex, giving cybercriminals countless opportunities to embed malware in active content within documents attached to emails.

Ericom Shield CDR solution disarms these attachment-embedded threats, then reconstructs files as safe, fully-functional documents before delivering them to email recipients.