You Have Anti-Virus. DNS. Threat Detection. User Training for Phishing. So Did Most Ransomware Victims.

Perimeter defenses and signature-based security approaches can’t stop the 75% of malware that’s zero day, or identify malicious URLs that are mass-created, then quickly removed. Even vigilant users can be fooled into clicking phishing links.

Ericom Remote Browser Isolation enables full internet use yet adheres to the Zero Trust principle of “never trust.” It safeguards organizations from phishing, web-based threats and credential theft, while enabling natural, productive internet use.

Block Even Zero Day Malware, Without Blocking Your Users

Ericom Remote Browser Isolation renders website content in remote containers located in the cloud. Only safe rendering info is sent to users’ regular web browsers, providing a natural interactive user experience, yet keeping even zero-day ransomware from reaching endpoints or networks.

Ericom RBI works with any security infrastructure you have and is the Remote Browser Isolation solution of choice for leading security vendors.

100% Protection from the 94% of Malware Delivery that Involves Phishing

Hackers depend on email as a crucial step in the threat delivery chain, whether to trigger ransomware downloads directly or to open credential harvesting sites.

RBI isolates websites opened from email links in the cloud, so malware can’t enter endpoints via browsers. Sites considered as risky, based on Ericom Threat Intelligence Network data, open in read-only mode to prevent credential theft.

Secure Access for Contractors and Employees using Unmanaged Devices

Unmanaged devices used to access your network, data or SaaS cloud and web apps, may introduce malware or present data loss risk.

Web Application Isolation enables policy-based controls that isolate corporate resources from malware on unmanaged devices, prevent data exposure, and restrict user activity on a least-privilege basis.

Adapt RBI Protection to the Level of Risk

Strike the right cost-risk balance for your organization by isolating only sites with elevated risk.

Ericom Intelligent Isolation dynamically assesses the risk of each site that users open based on proprietary Threat Intelligence Network data and routes them for isolation based on results.

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