Trustwave ECM (previously known as MailMarshal ECM or MailMarshal Exchange) provides email content security for emails sent or received internally when you use Microsoft Exchange as your email server. Trustwave ECM lets you scan internal email and apply your internal Acceptable Use Policy.


MailMarshal Exchange (also known as Email Content Manager or ECM) is an email filtering solution for Microsoft Exchange Server that helps organizations to provide a safe environment for employees, free from harassment and objectionable material. It also improves productivity levels by managing non-business email content and attachments.


Many organizations today have created policies and guidelines for the appropriate use of email, and employee education programs to deal with the torrent of spam and viruses. MailMarshal Exchangecomplements a gateway email filtering solution such as MailMarshal SEG, and can help your company to apply email policy and security automatically to internal messages.