Exchange Private Information in Alignment with Compliance Regulations

Ensure and demonstrate regulatory compliance over how sensitive information is exchanged across the enterprise. Whether your business is in a highly regulated industry like healthcare or financial services or does business with the US Federal Government, the Kiteworks platform keeps your most prized digital assets secure and aligned with industry compliance regulations.


Rigorously Enforce Healthcare Compliance Regulations

HIPAA Regulatory Compliance

  • A simple, private, secure way to share PII, PHI, and other confidential information
  • Alleviate the temptation to use less secure consumer cloud folder apps
  • Role-based policy controls provide granular access privileges and segregation of duties
  • Monitor all file sharing activities in real-time to demonstrate regulatory compliance
  • Auditable log reports detail all file activity

Full Visibility and Control to Ensure Data Privacy

GDPR Regulatory Compliance

  • Full visibility of content facilitates Rights of Erasure and Portability
  • Enable data sovereignty with private or hybrid cloud deployment
  • Role-based policy controls ensure only authorized users have access to customer data
  • All file activity is logged and reportable to demonstrate regulatory compliance
  • Integrated with your DLP solution to prevent leaking of customer data
General Data Protection

FedRAMP Authorization for the Public and Private Sectors

FedRAMP Regulatory Compliance

  • FedRAMP Authorized for Moderate level information
  • Regulatory compliance with NIST 800-171 and ITAR
  • Adheres to over 400 additional US Government-mandated controls
  • Privately hosted deployment in an isolated environment on AWS
  • Supported within the US, by US citizens

Work with a SOC 2 Certified Partner

SOC2 Regulatory Compliance

  • SOC compliant with SOC 2 Level 1 attestation
  • Highest levels of policies and procedures are in place
  • Continuous security monitoring to detect potential threats
  • Detailed audit trails on file access and modification

Meet Rigorous Information Processing Encryption Standards

FIPS Regulatory Compliance

  • FIPS 140-2 validated; out-of-the-box FIPS compliance
  • Files encrypted at rest using AES 256
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 1 validated encryption protects data in transit

Demonstrate Cybersecurity Excellence to Win Contracts with DoD

CMMC Regulatory Compliance

  • Regulatory compliance with NIST 800-171
  • FedRAMP Authorized for Moderate level information
  • File level AES 256-bit encryption and key rotation
  • Standardize security policy across email, file sharing, mobile, MFT, SFTP, etc.
  • Single point of integration for DLP, APT, LDAP/AD, SSO, SIEM, and more
CMMC compliance
file sharing governance

Demonstrate Cybersecurity Excellence to Win Contracts with DoD

IRAP Regulatory Compliance

  • Assessed for PROTECTED level controls
  • Application and data 100% hosted within Australia
  • Customer controls the encryption keys so only they can access the files
  • Premium support tightens SLA and provides patching and 24/7 monitoring
  • A distinct competitive advantage for commercial businesses

Preserve All Third Party Content Communications for Litigation

Legal Hold for eDiscovery

  • Preserve all files, versions, emails, and activity traces for litigation
  • Secure the content and protect it from spoliation
  • Make it transparent and automatic for users
  • Maintain a provable chain of custody
  • Support successful investigations and litigation with reporting, email archiving, and eDiscovery integrations