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Anti-Virus Solution

Endpoint Security nowadays has become a core requirement of every organization with even the smallest IT infrastructure. Be it one desktop or a million endpoints, without a proper End Point security solution, you are subject to more than just reduction in productivity. The consequences can be far more scarier in reality with dataloss or hardware failure and down time being the first in the long list.

This is where the need for a Corporate Anti-Virus solution comes into picture. In the recent years, be a corporate organization or an individual consumer, it has become mandatory requirement in every IT Infrastructure to have atleast one anti-virus solution in place.

And this is where we come into the picture. RAS Infotech has been one of the leading value-added distributors in the region dedicated to IT-Security Solutions with Anti-Virus solutions being one of our core offerings. Below are a few of our offerings under our Anti-Virus product line.