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AD and Group Policy Audit

Active Directory (AD) is the hub of all security within any organization, governing access to virtually every system, application, and data resource across the network. However, even though the criticality of Active Directory is well understood, most organizations have inadequate visibility into Active Directory and the activities occurring within it, making AD one of their greatest risks.

Assuring the security, availability and integrity of Active Directory requires more than just delegating permissions or changing group memberships. IT Governance and auditors also require proof that policies and procedures are enforced, that changes are tracked, and that administrators are not able to manage beyond the scope of their responsibilities.

For this very purpose, an Active Directory monitoring solution is a mandatory requirement as per all the compliance standards internationally.  That will allow an organization to monitor, record and prevent any and all Active Directory changes and access activities in real-time, without any reliance on native Active Directory security logs. With critical details aligning to who made changes, what changes were made with before and after values, and the origin and destination IP Addresses for every event, organizations can address security, compliance, and operational management needs in real-time and with greater ease and efficiency than ever before.

Additionally our solution also monitors which applications and users are authenticating to Active Directory (including LDAP requests, NTLM and Kerberos authentication), enabling security to detect advanced threats, improperly configured security, and more.

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