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Data Classification

When an enterprise decides to venture into IRM/DLP, it is highly recommended to seriously consider Data classification as it is the process of organizing data into categories for its most effective and efficient use.
A well-planned data classification system makes essential data easy to locate and retrieve. This can be of particular importance for risk management, incident management/forensics and compliance. Written procedures and guidelines for data classification should define what categories and criteria the organization will use to classify data and specify the roles and responsibilities of employees within the organization regarding data stewardship. Once a data-classification scheme has been created, security standards that specify appropriate handling practices for each category and storage standards that define the data's lifecycle requirements should be addressed.
This allows an organization the ability to track and monitor its data at any point in time and taking necessary actions, while achieving all the above and to be effective, a classification scheme should also be simple enough that all employees can execute properly. However, data strategies differ greatly from one organization to the next, as each generates different types and volumes of data. The balance may vary greatly from one user to the next between office documents, e-mail correspondence, images, video files, customer and product information, financial data, and so on.
And to achieve all the above and ensure a non-disruptive and smooth implementation, RAS Infotech with its enterprise grade data classification solutions can ensure that your requirements are understood and addressed accordingly and make it integrate seamlessly into your business process. For more details, feel free to contact us anytime.