Deliver Intelligent & Reliable IT Service for Digital Infrastructure


The ITIL compliant IT Service Management (ITSM) platform is a state-of-the art service management suite combining high levels of automation & integration with the ease of intuitive self-service. It enhances support efficiency and minimize repetitive tasks through a user-friendly GUI.



The platform receives, organizes, tracks and resolves all IT support issues from a single platform. Motadata ITSM facilitates the workflows and tasks associated with the management and the delivery of quality IT services.




Workflow Automation: It automates ticket management system with rule-based routing, auto escalates problems, offers real-time tracking and sends automatic alerts when the ticket status is updated.

Power with Ease: A simple but powerful reporting tool, backed by drag and drop creation of dashboards, meets the requirements of modern day IT teams.

Boost Productivity: The platform offers great visibility, which helps in bringing all members of the IT support teams on the same page.

AI powered Suggestion: Suggests relevant articles using artificial intelligence while raising queries or searching for a solution.

Greater ROI: A single point of support improves service delivery for both IT and non-IT business needs.

Seamless Integration: The ITSM Platform can be integrated with multiple applications over REST API’s to seamlessly integrate in existing system and support future technologies.