Redefining SIEM and UEBA


  • Automate threat hunting with turn-key anomaly detection
  • Accelerate detection, investigation and response
  • Flat price per asset

Investigate and Analyze


  • Leverage the power of one common event taxonomy to quickly cut through the noise
  • Easy correlation of data from all applications
  • Cutting-edge visualization
  • Industry-leading deployment time

Fits your Security Strategy


  • Any data source
  • Cloud, on-prem, as a service
  • Start detection right away
  • Built to scale

Download LogPoint Free SIEM

You’d probably test drive a car before buying it – well, consider this your free SIEM test drive. LogPoint Free is a full version of LogPoint’s SIEM tool free of charge, offering remarkable clarity and ability to monitor your network for free, giving insight into all incidents across your infrastructure – with no cost or obligation.