Ericom Software is a leading provider of Zero Trust secure access solutions that protect organizations from advanced cybersecurity threats. Leveraging innovative isolation technology and software-defined perimeter principles, Ericom solutions enable simple, secure policy-driven access to mission-critical cloud and on-premises business systems and resources, including the public Internet, without impacting end-user productivity.

Thousands of companies rely on Ericom’s platform of remote access, secure connectivity, isolation, mobility, and virtualization technologies to enhance their cybersecurity and productivity while reducing complexity and cost. The company is an active member of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), has offices in the US, UK, and EMEA, and a global network of distributors and partners.

Secure Remote Application and Desktop Access That’s Seamless for Users, Simple for IT

Now, Ericom Connect is available as a cloud-based service that’s easier than ever to set up, manage, and use, with clientless installation on both target in-office desktops and remote devices, centralized management via the web, and browser-based user access

Simple for IT

The Simpler, More Cost-Effective High‑Performance Work Environment for Remote Users

Enable full, secure system access for hundreds or thousands of remote and work-from-home users, right from the IT Admin’s browser

Deploy within hours – no specialized IT training or costly certification required

Choose cost-effective, simple cloud service or on-premises software

Remote Access as a Service

Save time, money, and effort by deploying Ericom Connect as a cloud service. Count on the performance and resilience of Ericom’s global cloud infrastructure.

Clientless, Browser-Based Access for Users

Users easily access the mission-critical resources they need from any browser, on any device. With no client to install, there’s no need to bring devices to IT or struggle with set up.

Our clientless solution saves valuable time for resource-strapped IT departments. Remotely deploy Ericom Connect on in-office desktops from afar – no need to get to the office to install or update plug-ins or patches.

Web-based, centralized management console makes it easy to quickly onboard offices and users, publish apps and desktops, and configure and administer policies for users and groups.

Enterprise-Class Security

Ericom Connect integrates seamlessly with existing VPNs and supports multi-factor authentication. Additional security features include role-based administration, group-level access and policy management, and SSO support (SAML and oAuth). Ericom Connect can also securely offload traffic from VPNs, using its secure communications gateway to fully encrypt all traffic between clients to terminal servers, even across public networks. For on-premise deployment, Ericom Connect can be deployed on FIPS enabled Windows servers.



Ericom Connect is a powerful remote application and desktop access solution. Built on innovative technology and two decades of Ericom's proven expertise in the access market, Ericom Connect offers enterprise-level organizations unparalleled scalability, superior user experience and exceptional ease of use. With great cost performance, Ericom Connect integrates into existing IT environments, reducing the need for costly infrastructure upgrades.

Rapid Deployments

Clientlessly install on remote target desktops. Rapidly onboard brand offices and remote users across data-centers from a single management console, and flexibly allocate administration privileges and rights as needed

Handles Windows and Linux workloads

Get the most out of virtualization by deploying applications and desktops from both Windows and Linux

Multi-tenant Ready

Leverage one scalable installation to deploy, configure and maintain multiple private Ericom Connect tenant environments, for full isolation of resources and management between departments, lines-of-business or external contractors

100% Web-based, Client-less Experience

Reap the benefit of web-based user access and administrative management from any web browser - without the hassle of plug-ins & patches


Unique Business Intelligence

From usage tracking and monitoring to simulating user-sessions, take advantage of a wealth of IT operational data

Ensure Business Continuity

Mitigate productivity interruptions by providing robust, always-on desktop access, from any device, anywhere

Supports SAML and oAuth for single sign-on (SSO)

to integrate with existing identity platforms and connect users directly to the published application or desktop

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