F-Secure Business Suite

Designed to simplify the demanding security needs of today's organizations

F-Secure Business Suite is an on-site business security solution that offers the best continuous protection for your organization by combining the best of accumulated expertise, advanced technologies, and modern, cutting-edge features with full on-site control. It is a full protection bundle designed to cover the demanding business security needs from gateway to endpoint.


  • Layered protection to protect your assets from gateway to endpoint
  • Best protection levels covering both known vulnerabilities and new, emerging threats
  • Advanced management features to allow you full control of your organization's IT security
  • Less work through automation of daily tasks
  • Less hassle with a scalable all-in-one package with flexible and transparent licensing for organizations of all sizes

Best protection on the market

They are proud to receive their sixth Best Protection Award from AV-TEST. Their many accolades and loyal customers showcase their commitment to keep their business safe, no matter the circumstances.


Today's security for today's business

In today's business environment, securing the perimeter is no longer enough. The endpoint is the new perimeter, and effective endpoint protection is so much more than anti-malware.

First of all, effective prevention of cyber threats requires a layered approach that covers endpoints as well as servers, gateways, email, and other communication and collaboration channels.

And in addition, effective prevention today uses technologies and features that keep potential intruders out of your systems with next-gen technologies and additional security features that let you take control of your security. And they don't stop there – they bring in the human intelligence of hacker motives and tactics and amplify human expertise with automated scalable technology.


  • BOTNET BLOCKER Stop external control of compromised assets
  • F-SECURE PROXY Significantly reduce network traffic
  • SCANNING AND REPUTATION SERVER Offload resource-heavy scanning to a dedicated server
  • PATCH MANAGEMENT PREMIUM Automatically patch thousands of applications and versions
  • WEB CONTENT CONTROL PREMIUM Improve security and productivity by controlling access to websites
  • CONNECTION CONTROL PREMIUM Boost security for sensitive activities like online banking
  • DATAGUARD PREMIUM Provides additional protection against ransomware, and prevents the destruction and tampering of data.
  • APPLICATION CONTROL PREMIUM Blocks execution of applications and scripts according to rules created by our penetration testers, or as defined by the administrator

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